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Surgical treatment of shoulder instability using transsubscapularis transfer of the long biceps tendon

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 3 | Issue 1 | Jan- June 2019 | Page 13-15 | Yonder Archanjo Ching San Junior, Max RogÃcrio Freitas Ramos, Settings Luiz, Diogo Fagundes Henrique Pereira Alves, Paulo RogÃcrio Moritz Postigo Authors: Yonder Archanjo Ching San Junior[1], Max RogÃcrio Freitas Ramos[1], Settings Luiz[1], Diogo Fagundes Henrique […]

Evaluation of Complications of Shoulder Arthroscopy in the Treatment of Sub acromial Pathologies

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 3 | Issue 1 | Jan- June 2019 | Page 7-12 | Alexandre de Almeida, Nayvaldo Couto de Almeida, Rafael Filipini Carraro, Samuel Pante, Ana Paula Agostini, Daniel C Agostini Authors: Alexandre de Almeida [1], Nayvaldo Couto de Almeida [1], Rafael Filipini Carraro [2], Samuel Pante [1], […]

A brachial artery pseudoaneurysm in the form of a “malignant tumour” as a complication of a proximal humerus exostosis

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 3 | Issue 1 | Jan- June 2019 | Page 3-6 | Michał Górecki, Piotr Czarnecki Authors: Michał Górecki [1], Piotr Czarnecki [2]. [1] Student Research Group of Hand Surgery, University of Medical Sciences Poznań, Poland [2] Department of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Hand Surgery of Viktor Dega […]

Training by Publishing

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 3 | Issue 1 | Jan-June 2019 | Page 1-2 | Ashok Shyam Author: Ashok Shyam [1,2]. [1] Indian Orthopaedic Research Group, Thane, India [2] Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics &Rehabilitation, Pune, India Address of Correspondence Dr. Ashok Shyam. IORG House, A-203, Manthan Apts, Shreesh CHS, Hajuri Road, Thane, India. 400604 Email: […]

About ASES Journal

About the Journal The Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery  (ISSN 2457-0338) is a peer-reviewed Open access journal which will be published quarterly. ASES is started with an idea of a journal that will be international, intelligent, interactive and at the same time clinically relevant. The editors welcome submissions from all over the world. The stress […]

Arthroscopic Treatment of Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears using Fascia Lata Autografts: Preliminary Results

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 2 | Issue 1 | Jan-June 2017 | Page 3-6 | Niso Eduardo Balsini, Olinto Lago Junior Authors: Niso Eduardo Balsini [1], Olinto Lago Junior [1] [1] NAEON-Santa Catarina Hospital. [2] IFOR Hospital. Address of Correspondence Dr. Jose Carlos Garcia Jr., MD, MSc, PhD NÆON-Hospital Santa Catarina-SP-Brazil […]

Dynamic Anatomy of Elbow Stability

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 2 | Issue 2 | July-Dec 2017 | Page 30-32 | Juan Del Castillo, Rodrigo Fratelli, Mauricio Oehler, Nicolás Casales, Viviana Teske, Domingo Beltramelli Authors: Juan Del Castillo [1], Rodrigo Fratelli [1], Mauricio Oehler [1], Nicolás Casales [1], Viviana Teske [1], Domingo Beltramelli [1]. [1] Departamento de Anatomía
Facultad […]