Safe Elbow Surgery

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 4 | Issue 1 | January-June 2020 | Page 20-22 |  Benjamin W. Sears, Mitchell J. Sungelo, Jacqueline E. Bader, Armodios M. Hatzidakis, Charles L. Getz

Authors:  Subbiah Venkatesh Babu [1]

[1] Deparment of Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery, Sri Sakthi Hospital, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. S Venkatesh Babu,
Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon, Sri Sakthi Hospital, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India.


Today, the surgical treatment is being done for most of the elbow diseases and fractures openly, minimally invasive and arthroscopically. The complications after elbow surgery are also in significant proposition. This review exhibits the need of applied anatomical knowledge and operative skills for the surgeon who intends to operate the elbow safely.
Keywords: Safe Surgery, Trauma, Injury, Elbow.


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