Anterior instability of the shoulder with more than 10 years evolution, treated with Latarjet Procedure, long-term results

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 2 | Issue 2 | July-Dec 2017 | Page 9-11 | Domingo Beltramelli, Mauricio Oehler, Bruno Pintos, Emerson Kucharski, Viviana Teske

Authors: Domingo Beltramelli [1], Mauricio Oehler [2], Bruno Pintos [2], Emerson Kucharski [2], Viviana Teske [2]

[1] Jef of Shoulder Group Montevideo Uruguay and CASMU Hospital
[2] Shoulder Group and CASMU Hospital Montevideo Uruguay

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Dr. Alexandre de Almeida:
Rua Vitório Buzelatto, 222/601. Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil.
Zip: 95020290.


Background: The purpose of this study is to make a retrospective evaluation of the long-term evolution of patients who were operated using the Latarjet in order to evaluate the results regarding the rate of recurrence and arthrosis in the series taken.
Materials and Methods: We considered 58 patients who were operated more than 10 years ago using Latarjet procedure, average follow-up of 13,8 years. The average age at the time of the surgery was 27 years old, 46 of them were males and 12 females and 39 of the total had their dominant side affected. 33 practiced sports, 18 professionally and 15 as a spare time activity. In 22 cases the technique was performed using one screw, and in 36 cases were used two screws.
Results: Using the Carter Rowe scale for the functional evaluation, from a preoperative average of 38,5 we reached 88,2 at the end of follow-up. The recurrence was 5,7%. All the cases show glenoid bone injury that were reviewed using preoperative x-ray which were considered to compare with current evolving x-ray analyzing arthrosis with the Samilson-Prieto criteria. Only 2 patients showed arthrosis in stage 1 in the preoperative. At the time of the evaluation 18% show arthrosis, 2 cases in stage 3, 4 in stage 2 and 4 cases in stage 1. From the ones that practiced sports professionally, 15 resume their activity, and from the ones practicing sports recreationally, 10 resume it.
Conclusions: The Latarjet procedure shows excellent results to treat anterior instability of the shoulder in the long-term. The levels of recurrence and arthrosis are low.
Level of evidence: Level 4. Case Series. Treatment Study.
Keywords: Latarjet procedure, anterior instability of the shoulder, arthrosis.


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