Surgical treatment of shoulder instability using transsubscapularis transfer of the long biceps tendon

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 3 | Issue 1 | Jan- June 2019 | Page 13-15 | Yonder Archanjo Ching San Junior, Max RogÃcrio Freitas Ramos, Settings Luiz, Diogo Fagundes Henrique Pereira Alves, Paulo RogÃcrio Moritz Postigo

Authors: Yonder Archanjo Ching San Junior[1], Max RogÃcrio Freitas Ramos[1], Settings Luiz[1], Diogo Fagundes Henrique Pereira Alves[1], Paulo RogÃcrio Moritz Postigo [1].

[1] Consultório: Av. Paisagista José Silva de Azevedo Neto, 200 – Bloco 7
(Ecology) Sala 330 – Barra da Tijuca
Clínica Le Sage: Rua da Assembléia, 10 – Sala 1215 – Centro – Rio de

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Yonder Archanjo Ching San Junior,
Ortopedia e Traumatologia – Cirurgia do Ombro e Cotovelo


Objectives: To describe the long bicepstendon transfer technique for the treatment of anterior shoulder instability.
Method: The long tendon of the biceps brachiiwas detached from the supraglenoid tubercle and transferred to the anterior edge of the glenoid cavity using subscapularis tenotomy, reproducing the slingeffect and increasing the anterior bone block.
Results: The technique is easy to perform and minimises the risks of coracoid process transfer.
Conclusion: Transfer of the long tendon of the biceps brachii is an option for the treatment of glenohumeral instability.
Keywords: Joint instability/pathology, Joint instability/surgery, Shoulder joint/pathology, Shoulder joint/surgery, Cadaver


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