Why a new Shoulder and Elbow Journal?

Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery | Volume 1 | Issue 1 | Oct-Dec 2016 | Page 2-3 | José Carlos Garcia Jr.

Author: José Carlos Garcia Jr. [1].

[1] NAEON-Santa Catarina Hospital

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Jose Carlos Garcia Jr., MD, MSc, PhD
NÆON-Hospital Santa Catarina-SP-Brazil
Email: jose.cjunior@hsl.org.br

Most Shoulder and Elbow Surgery journals are written in a far beyond context than most developing countries are up to. Distinguished features related to developed countries impact on the way people make surgeries, use materials and even make researches.

Availability of materials and devices, costs, local regulatory agencies and many other points need to be considered when talking about developing countries.Sometimes solutions adapted for these countries will not make sense for people of developed countries, with a different reality.
Then researches using some of the developing countries’ solutions will don’t make sense for reviewers from developed countries.
In the opposite side, discussing these solutions may be very important to develop shoulder and elbow surgery in developing countries. It is not about making second class researches, it is about looking researches within a different way of view. The first answer therefore is: We made this journal because we need to discuss issues adapted to our reality. We need to demonstrate results that can improve techniques possible to be reproduced all over the world. Consequently we will need to makeresearches that can be more suitable to our day by day. It does not mean bad research or bad results, it means a different way to make good things.
The second answer is: Because low cost innovations will make the world better and more equal. This journal has begun with an editorial board capable of diffusing the most recent concepts at no cost, making data easy to spread and replicate.
The third answer is: Considering that, in general, developing countries need some degree of refinement in shoulder and elbow surgery yet, transformations will be required. A rational step towards this new paradigm is an intersection of the two worlds, developed and developing countries.
This journal aims to promote this intersection by using new surgical techniques, researches and symposiums. As one wants to go further, one must have a general panorama of what is going on around to better know where to go. That is the purpose of the Current Concepts section of this journal whose content is a summary of the main journals of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. It is not intend to explore the deepness of all research published but just a general panorama. Our concept is by accessing just this journal one can know what is going on around the world of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and also have access to researches, symposiums and many other academical papers.
Combining all these characteristics in a single journal is essential to make surgeons updated and open minded to innovations.
This journal also begins by bringing a new concept to understand researches within the surgical field, it uses new ideas from IDEAL-Collaboration, Oxford, aiming to improve research methodology on surgical field.
We hope Acta of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery can be the new channel for all orthopedic surgeons interested in the area.
You are invited to be our reader, contributor and friend.

Warm Regards

José Carlos Garcia Jr.

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José Carlos Garcia Jr., MD

José Carlos Garcia Jr., MD

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