Abstracts From The Argentina Congress Of Shoulder Surgery.

ASES Vol 2 Issue 2 July-Dec 2017 page 33-35

[1] Differences in postoperative rehabilitation after inverted prosthesis by traumatic pathology compared to degenerative disease
Ramon, E. Alentorn-Geli, P. Alvarez, R. Unzurrunzaga, N. Lama , X. Alvarez , R. Cugat

[2] Return to sports after arthroscopic capsulolabral repair using knotless suture anchors for anterior shoulder instability in soccer players: minimum 5-year follow-up study
Alvarez, E. Alentorn-Geli, S. Ramon, G. Steinbacher, M. Rius, J. Boffa , E. Sala, R. Seijas, D. Barastegui, X. Cusco,
R. Cugat

[3] Clavicular Blockade with local anesthesia in osteosynthesis of clavicle
Carlos Acevedo , Diogenes Rondelli .

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